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PLC Exclusive OR (XOR) LOGIC A gate like this is known as an Exclusive OR or XOR gate. The use of NOT, AND, and OR gates is one method of obtaining such a gate.

The logic gate, as we all know, is a component of a digital circuit. It accepts binary input (0, 1) and outputs binary data based on that input. If you want to improve your Electrical and Electronics skills, you should learn how to use logic gates using a programmable logic controller (PLC).

A logical gate block is a type of logic that is used in a ladder logic to make sure that the program doesn't jump out of the ladder. A logical gate block can be used to prevent the program from jumping out of the ladder. It can also be used to create a loop so that the program repeats itself until it reaches the end.

A logical gate block is a function that creates an output only if the condition for it is met. For example, a logical gate block can be used in a ladder logic to prevent the next step of the logic from executing until all conditions are met.

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