• UV unwrap
  • UV unwrap


The UV coordinates of a texture are used to map it. Add a New Texture in the Texture channel panel, designate the texture as an image, then load the picture you want to use. Choose UV from the Coordinates option in the Mapping section, and then select the UV map to use.

You instruct Blender how to map the faces of your object (in this case, a box) to a flat image in the UV Editor during the UV unwrapping process. You have complete control over how you accomplish this.

UV mapping is a 3D modelling technique that involves projecting a 2D picture onto the surface of a 3D model. The artist can then create a bespoke image based on the "pattern" and apply it to the 3D model after the mapping is complete. This method allows for the creation of models with a lot of colour and detail.

In a nutshell, the answer is no. There are still some compelling reasons to take the time to properly unwrap your models. However, when the deadlines pile up and you need to texture something quickly, Substance 3d's Auto UVs is a handy function to have.

UVs are 2D coordinates that 3D programmes (in this example Unity3D) employ to map a texture to a model. Because X, Y, and Z were already in use to designate the axis of objects in 3D space, the letters U and V were chosen.

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