Blender is a free and open-source 3D computer graphics software tool which can be used for 2D graphics, animation, games or 3D graphics.

The camera settings are the most important for a 3D artist, as it controls everything that is seen in the final render. There are many types of cameras, such as orthographic and perspective. Perspective cameras are typically used for objects that are close to the viewer, while orthographic cameras offer a more accurate representation of a scene.

Orthographic cameras are a type of camera that is used to create top-down views of 3D models. These types of cameras are often used in the creation of game levels, architectural structures, and more.

The default resolution is 1920x1080px, but you may want to modify it. Also, use a smaller (proportional) size underneath it. The size you specified at the right is 100 percent. Use 50 percent to reduce rendering time by around a quarter or more, which is ideal for previewing.

Image Resolution Examples for 3D Rendering Render at a resolution of 2000x1500 pixels in most cases. For most sizes, this is adequate.

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