To render a still image in Blender, use F12, or Ctrl+F12 to render an animation. You may also use the render menu to choose between rendering an image or rendering an animation.

Rendering is the process of converting a three-dimensional scene into a two-dimensional image. Blender comes with three render engines, each with its own set of capabilities: Eevee is a real-time renderer that is physically based. Cycles is a path tracer that is based on physical principles.

Blender includes a strong, unbiased rendering engine that produces breathtaking, ultra-realistic results. Blender's ray-traced production render engine is called Cycles.

It could take anywhere from 30 minutes to three days. It depends on the complexity of your scene. The more polygons/objects there are, the more calculations the computer has to perform, which means the final image will take longer to develop.

The fact that Cycles calculates light bounces is one of the main reasons it takes so long to render. It's what gives the scene such a nice appearance when compared to the internal renderer. This realism, however, comes at the cost of longer render times. The maximum number of Light Bounces is set to 8 by default.

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