Blender has a wide variety of modeling tools that can be used to create 3D models, including:

  • Mesh modelling - this is the most common type of modelling. It involves using vertices and edges to form shapes.
  • Boolean operations - these are operations that use boolean algebra and are used for creating complex shapes from simple ones.
  • Extrusion - this is when you take a 2D shape and make it into a 3D object by moving it along an axis.
  • Lathe - this is when you take a 2D shape and create a 3D object by rotating it around. It's an ancient machine, dating back to the early 10th century, that has been used in engineering for milling jobs.

The benefits of using Blender are that it is free to download which means that there are no hidden costs for students or professionals who want to use it for their projects. Another benefit of using Blender is the large community of users who are constantly posting tutorials on how to use the software in order to make the learning process easier.

Some of the most popular programs include:

  • 3D Studio Max
  • MeshLab
  • Maya

Blender has been used in a wide range of applications, from TV commercials to video games and Hollywood movies. In addition to 3D modeling capabilities, it can be used to create 2D graphics, animate characters and objects, render still images like photos or illustrations, create interactive 3D presentations or develop complete virtual environments. The Blender Foundation has released versions of the software for use in schools as well as an online version that was specifically designed for people who are learning the software.

The purpose of using different tools in blender animation is to make the animation smoother, more realistic, and more efficient.

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