The modelling bulb works by creating a mesh object, and then extruding it outward. This creates a light-weight mesh object with an edge loop around the outside of the shape, which can be manipulated by scaling or moving the mesh object in any direction.

  • Modelling bulbs are used in the lighting industry to simulate light. They use a variety of technologies to create light, such as LEDs, incandescent and fluorescent lights.
  • Light bulbs are used in homes and businesses to provide illumination. The technology has evolved over time, with the most modern design being LED lamps.

Modelling bulbs are a great addition to Blender. They allow users to easily create and adjust their models. This is especially helpful in the early stages of production when you need a lot of feedback on your work.

A modelling bulb can be found in the Mesh Editor under Sub-object mode. You can input values for vertices, edges, and faces to create your desired shape.

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