User journey mapping is a process where the user experience design team creates a map of all the steps that a user goes through during their interaction with an application or website. This allows them to understand why users are having problems and to make changes accordingly.

A User Journey Map is created by first understanding the steps that users take while using your product. Next, you need to identify what they are thinking or feeling at each step. This can be done through user interviews, analytics data or surveys.

The difference between a User Journey Map and a traditional competitive analysis is that it focuses on the user experience rather than the competition. It is also used to map out the user's journey through your website or app. The map helps in understanding how people interact with your product or service and what they think of it while they use it.

User Journey Maps are useful for both small startups and large corporations with complex products or services. They can be used by anyone from designers to marketers to developers or product managers.

The process of mapping a user's journey usually starts with gathering qualitative data about the user and then translating that into quantitative data. The next step in the process is to have users complete focus groups, interviews, usability tests, surveys etc., which will help you get more specific insights on what they are thinking and feeling while they use your product.

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