A sales pitch is a short, direct presentation of a company's primary product or service and why someone should buy it.
In essence, a sales pitch is an attempt to persuade the listeners to buy something. The purpose of a sales pitch is not to convince them that they absolutely need the product but to make them curious enough to want it.

It is a fact that sales pitches are often more engaging than content. They are easy to read and they make the reader want to take action.
Speak directly to your target audience, get them interested in your product, provide value and make a sale.
A clear pitch has many benefits like generating leads, building trust and creating an audience for your content.

There are many different types of sales pitches. Some of the common ones are lead generation, customer retention, customer acquisition, retention marketing, etc.
A lead generation sales pitch is a promotion that creates a sense of urgency to make a decision or to take action by using information about the prospect’s needs and the potential benefits for themselves.
The customer retention sales pitch is usually made towards existing customers to keep them pleased with their current product or service. And it can be done via emails or any other platform that requires interactions with customers in order to generate leads.

A product catalogue is a sort of marketing collateral that contains key product information to assist customers in making a purchasing choice. Product characteristics, descriptions, measurements, price, weight, availability, colour, user reviews, and other information are included.

Catalogues are collections of product information that businesses and retailers use to market their products. They provide a convenience for customers who don't have the time to research products on their own and can help them find what they're looking for. A catalogue provides a lot of detail about the product, including materials and features, price, and where it can be found.

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