It is important to think of the best way to approach an existing customer. There are specific ways that you can use to make a sale, which will be helpful for future marketing campaigns.

Ask questions: This will help you determine if it is worth continuing with the conversation. You can ask how the customer found your website, what their experience has been like so far and how they heard about your business
Offer free content: This is a common strategy and it’s free marketing. It’s also a good way of building rapport with current customers as they will be naturally interested in what you have to offer.
Compliment their purchase: If somebody has just bought from you or interacted with your business, then this is a great time to thank them.

The most important things to consider before approaching an existing customer are the current stage of the customer and their business. If a customer is at a low point in their sales cycle, they will be more receptive to your pitch. Before you approach an existing customer, it's important to understand how they're feeling. Are they in a high-performing stage of their business? How's their sales cycle going? If they're not at the peak of their performance, then timing is critical. The most important thing that you need to consider before trying to contact an existing customer is whether or not it's appropriate for them based on where they're in their sales cycle.

It is not impossible to approach an existing customer, but there are a few mistakes that some companies make that can put them at a disadvantage.

  • Making assumptions
  • Trying to be too hard or aggressive
  • Not understanding what motivates the customer
  • Being unclear about the relationship with the customer
  • Ignoring feedback from the customer

An existing customer is one who has already bought the product or service. They might be a loyal customer, an early adopter of a new product, or somebody who knows somebody else who has bought the product.
In general, it’s best to have some kind of relationship with an existing customer before you approach them with a sales pitch. It helps you build trust and rapport with your customers before any sales pitch is made. It also gives you insight into what they need and want in order to make them happy customers.
If they are an early adopter of the new product that you are trying to sell, then offering them some kind of bonus can help incentivize their participation on your marketing campaign.

Copywriting is a process of getting your message across in an engaging manner. However, there are some challenges when approaching an existing customer.
The first challenge that copywriters often face is reaching out to the right contact. It can be difficult to find the right person in a company and it can be even more difficult to find someone who is willing to talk. When they do make contact with the right person, they need to ask them what their biggest pain points are and how they can help them.
The second challenge that many copywriters face when trying to approach an existing customer is finding the time or budget for this new project. The best way for them to do that would be by coming up with multiple solutions on how they could help the customer in different ways instead of just one big idea.

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