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According to the mysql certification guide, views can be used to provide a summary that may include computations. Hide irrelevant data by using a WHERE clause to pick a set of rows. As a result of a merger or unification.

A view is a database object that doesn't have any data in it. Its contents are based on the table that serves as the foundation. It has the same rows and columns as a genuine table. In MySQL, a View is a virtual table that is produced by connecting one or more tables in a query. It works in the same way as the base table, but it doesn't have any data of its own.

  • MAKE A VIEW 'view name'" instructs MySQL to build a view object named 'view name' in the database.
  • The SQL statements to be packed in the MySQL Views are referred to as "AS SELECT statement." It can be a SELECT query that includes data from one or more tables.

To open, right-click a table in the Navigator pane's object browser and select Table Inspector from the context menu. The Table Inspector displays details about the table.

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