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In MY SQL Workbench (I'm using Workbench version 6.3 and My SQL Version 5.1 Community edition), it's extremely simple: Select the 'Copy to Clipboard --> Build Statement' option from the right-click menu on the table for which you wish to create a script. To receive the generate script, simply paste it into any text editor.

The keyword CREATE TABLE tells the database system what you want to accomplish. You want to make a new table in this scenario. The CREATE TABLE statement is followed by the table's unique name or identifier. Then there's a list in brackets that defines each column in the table and what kind of data type it is.

Tables are used to organise data that is too detailed or complex to be fully described in a text, allowing the reader to see the results quickly. They can be used to emphasise data trends or patterns, as well as to remove numeric data from a document to make it more legible.

Create a new, initially empty table in the current database with the CREATE TABLE command. The CREATE TABLE command generates a data type that reflects the tuple type (structure type) that corresponds to one table row. Any existing data type cannot have the same name as a table.

  •  The total number of tables in your database, as well as the names of the tables.
  •  The amount of columns each table should have, as well as the column names.

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