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A JOIN clause is used to join rows from two or more tables together based on a common column.

MySQL joins can be divided into three categories:

  • INNER JOIN IN MySQL (or sometimes called a simple join)
  • MySQL OUTER LEFT JOIN (or sometimes called LEFT JOIN)
  • MySQL OUTER RIGHT JOIN (or sometimes called RIGHT JOIN)

The most common sort of join is the inner join. It's also the default join. Only records from database tables with matching values are selected using the inner join.

In a nutshell, you use ON for most things, but USING is a convenient shortcut for when the column names are the same. The ON keyword is used in the example above, but because the columns we're joining are called owners id in both databases, we may use USING instead.

The LEFT JOIN statement is similar to the JOIN statement in that it joins two tables together. The main distinction is that an LEFT JOIN statement contains all rows of the entity or table mentioned on the statement's left side.

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