Rigging is the process of creating an articulated model for a 3D computer animation. It is also the process of preparing a 3D model for animation.

The rigging process can be broken down into three steps:

  • Add an armature
  • Create a mesh
  • Rig the mesh

There are a number of ways to rig an object in Blender. The simplest way is to use the default armature. Another way is to use a bone rig, which is more complicated but lets you have complete control over your rig.

The difference between these two rigs is that while both are skeletons, they differ in usage and purpose. A character rig is used to define the body movements of a 3D model, while an armature rig can be used for animations with or without characters.

Rigging is a process of assembling a 3D model so that it will be able to move in the game engine. Rigging is done by attaching bones to the 3D model and then binding those bones to control objects.

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