• Fire Animation


A fire animation in Blender is a type of animation involving the use of fire. These animations are usually created with the use of particles and they can be used to create a realistic or cartoon-like effect.

  • First, you need to create a flame object. You can use the default sphere and then convert it into an editable mesh with the Edit Mesh menu. Then, you need to select the edges of the sphere where you want your fire animation to take place. You can do this by selecting the edges one by one or using Circle Select tool.
  • Once you have selected all of the edges, go ahead and select Mesh > Extrude > Layers from Top Menu Bar. This will extrude all of your selected faces and make them into separate objects that can be animated separately from each other. Now that you have all of your flames on their own layers, it is time to animate them!

  • Create a new layer and make it a black and white image of the fire.
  • Select the paint bucket tool and choose one of the colors that you want to use for your animation.
  • Fill in your fire with that color by clicking on the layer thumbnail in the layers panel or by clicking on an area of the black and white image where you would like to apply this color. You can also hold down shift while clicking to fill in areas where you want this color applied automatically without having to click each time.
  • Repeat this process for all of the different colors that you want to use for your animation, making sure that each layer is set at 100%.

No, you cannot change the direction of the smoke with an animation. Smoke particles are not static and they are constantly changing their position.

The following is an example of a simple fire animation that might take less than 10 minutes to create:

  • Create a sphere and apply texture to it
  • Create a plane and apply texture to it
  • Add some noise to the plane so there is movement
  • Add an emitter from the plane and make sure you have your camera set up correctly

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