• Sequencing


A layer mask is a black and white representation of the transparency of a layer. The black parts represent where there is no transparency and the white parts represent where there is transparency. Layer masks allow you to control what part of an image you want to show up on top of another image by painting with a black or white brush on the mask.

  • Compositing and sequencing are two different processes for making a video. Compositing is the process of combining video clips that were shot separately into one single video. Sequencing is the process of arranging video clips in a certain order to create a story.
  • Sequences are often used in documentaries, where the content is made up of separate shots, but with a continuous narrative. They can be used to show certain events happening over time - for example, someone walking from point A to point B over the course of several hours.

  • First, we need to create a new scene with a cube on the ground. We should adjust the position of the cube so that it is not touching any of the walls or objects in our scene.
  • Next, we need to add a light source so that our fire can be seen from all angles and distances. We should also adjust our light settings so that it is not too bright or too dark.
  • Now, let's add some smoke! To do this, go into particle editor mode and click on "add" then "particle system". Click on "smoke" for type then click "

To add or remove smoke and fire from a Smoke Domain object, use Smoke Flow objects. Add smoke physics to any mesh object to make it a Smoke Flow object by clicking Smoke under Properties Physics. Then, as the Smoke Type, choose Flow. You should now have a smoke flow source object that is set to default.

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