• basic anim4


Choose the container and codec you wish to use (e.g. MPEG H. 264) and set them in the Output panel. Output Options describes the video codecs. Blender will render the Sequence editor output into a movie when you click the Animation render button.

  • Consistent Brightness.
  • Use the Correct Scale for Accurate Shadows
  • Color Temperature is the third factor to consider.
  • Plenty of EVs in the environment lighting.
  • High Dynamic Range Textures for Mesh Lights
  • Color Management in Film.
  • IES Lamps for Accurate Light Falloff

There are two ways to render an animation in Blender:

  • rendering with Cycles (default)
  • rendering with Blender Internal (deprecated)

There are different types of lights that can be used in Blender. They include:

  • Ambient light: This is a global illumination that falls on an object from all directions. It is a default type of light in Blender and it can be modified by changing the color, intensity, or range.
  • Point Light: This is an artificial light source that emits light in all directions. It can be changed to emit more or less light and its size can also be modified.
  • Spot Light: This is an artificial light source that emits a cone-shaped beam of light with the edges of the beam being brighter than the center. The size, shape, and brightness can also be modified to suit specific needs.
  • Area Light: This is an artificial light source that emits shadows but no highlights

Blender is a 3D modeling, rendering and animation suite. It has a variety of tools used in rendering and shading animations. These are:

  • Lamp
  • Material
  • Lighting
  • Shader
  • Material Shader
  • Surface Shader
  • Texture

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