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Unit testing is the act of testing individual units of source code, components or modules. It is usually done by developers or programmers. It can be done in the development environment, but it may be more efficient to test individual units outside the development environment. Unit testing can detect bugs at an early stage.Unit Testing is a great way to ensure that all your code is well-tested and bug-free before you release it to the public. With unit testing, you can boost your software's performance and decrease time spent fixing bugs.Unit Testing is a process that reviews computer software to detect, analyze, and correct errors or defects before the software's release.

In software testing, you know the importance of functional testing. But unit tests might not be a replacement for functional testing. After that, testers perform functional testing on the feature. You might use a unit test to test an individual function and an integration test. Functional testing is the last step in the software testing process. It's a type of testing that tests how a software application performs as a whole. In this type of testing, testers follow a test plan and perform specific tests to make sure that all aspects of the application, such as its functionality and user experience, work well together.

Unit testing is a software testing technique in which each function of the application is tested for correctness and functionality before the application is released into production. Unit testing can also be applied to individual units of code that are part of a larger module. Unit testing is a type of software testing that ensures a piece of source code lines up with its specifications.

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