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Stress testing is an important tool to measure your software's robustness and error handling capabilities under heavy loads. With a stress tests, you are able to know the limitations of your software before it fails in crunch situations. It helps in finding out your software's weak spots and unexpected bugs is an important part of ensuring that it is reliable.

Load and stress testers are the key difference between a system's performance. With multiple options to choose from, it's never been easier to find the tool that perfectly suits your needs. Another difference is the goal of each: Whereas, Load tests allow you to understand how a system behaves under the expected load. Stress tests allow you to better understand at what capacity the system will operate, as well as extreme inputs like input values outside allowed limits.

Regression testing is a type of software testing that lets you be sure any change or bug hasn't caused anything bad to happen. It means keeping an eye out for bugs found before but also making sure nothing's broken now. REGRESSION TESTING is a solution that works with all software platforms and mobile devices, to help eliminate the risk of regression as much as possible. Regression testing is a crucial step in the software development lifecycle.

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