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Software testing, load testing - just a few words that describe a powerful, yet often overlooked process that is important to every software project. Load testing is a part of non-functional software in Software testing. It is done to determine the performance of the application under specific work pressure with a certain conditions.

Load testing is a comprehensive tool for system optimization. It can be used to identify lags, almost anything that may go awry with multiple users accessing an application or making sudden traffic on a system. It is easy to use and helps you save time instead of wasting most of it on debugging. In Software testing, it can provide valuable insights into your application's performance, including the number of concurrent users you might need to handle, error rates, and more.

Stress and load testing are two key software performance analysis tools. Load tests help you understand how a system behaves under an expected load. Stress tests help you understand the upper limits of a system's capacity using a load beyond the expected maximum. You're ready to test, find out how much time, resources, and money you'll save by performing your stress or load test on our cloud service. Stress testing is a tool to help you optimize your system's performance and to determine the quality of your infrastructure. Load Testing helps you understand how a system behaves under an expected load and generates a visual representation of the operational limits.

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