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It is a critical part of the development process and it takes place during both the construction and maintenance phases.Agile Scrum in Software Testing is a blend of incremental and Iterative model together for administrating thee development software. Under Agile Scrum Methodology, a program is parted into Sprint. Every Sprint has its own timeline.The sprint backlog is a list of tasks that will be performed by someone on the team during the sprint. It's an easy way to figure out how many items to commit to.

Here are the advantages of the Agile Scrum Model in Software Testing: Scrum is a proven and effective method of managing complex software development. Scrum is an Agile development methodology for planning and managing the development of software projects. It's about speed, agility, and small, iterative releases. But Scrum also has some big organization-wide advantages over other methods. These advantages are what makes it so powerful for faster, lower-cost software development. The Scrum process enables people to work together in cross-functional teams to create large project deliverables with clear goals and deadlines. Now, discussing some disadvantages of this Model: Scrum is a task-based iterative and incremental framework that is often used for agile development. It is easy to get started, but it's often not suitable for large teams. Disadvantages of Scrum explains why it can be difficult to adopt this framework in large teams, due to the lack of cooperation and commitment. Disadvantages of Scrum outlines the daily meetings that sometimes frustrate team members. Daily meetings are hard to implement, but once the team uses an aggressive testing process, quality can finally be implemented.

Agile Scrum is a framework for software development. It is a more flexible and powerful way of planning and managing projects. Unlike the waterfall model, the agile framework uses time-boxes called iterations, which can vary in size from one to four weeks. Each iteration is broken down into tasks called sprints, which are then aggregated into releases. In each sprint, an increment of completed work is delivered. Agile Scrum Model is a tool that guides you to build, test, and ship your software at the same time. It is designed for developing product businesses with an agile approach.

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