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Software Testing is a necessary and integral part of the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC). Various types of software Test Methodologies are: Agile Methodology, Waterfall Methodogy, Verification and Validation (V-model) Methodology, Increamental Methodology, Spiral Methology, XP (Extreme Programming). Functional Software Methodology is further catergorized into three parts: Smoke testing, Critical Testing and Extended Testing. Non-functional Methodology comprises of: Security testing, Configuration testing, Compatibility testing, Localization Testing and Usability testing.

The software development methodology is the best way to ensure your software is properly designed and optimized. Software Testing goes beyond the basics of software development, giving you all of the tools you'll need to make your project a success. Here are some methodologies of Software Testing: Integration Testing, System Integration, Performance Testing, Acceptance Testing, Security Testing, Usability Testing.

Software testing tools are used to accomplish software testing. They are the tools that are used to execute the test cases by carrying out input data, executing the test cases, and analyzing the results. Software testing tools work on many aspects like deceleration, integration, defect management. There are different Software Testing Tools: Static Tools: Static tools are used to perform static testing processes. In general, a researcher or tester typically takes a specific approach for this type of testing. Testing tools do not cover the real-life execution of software. A testing tool's outputs are usually limited to testing for functional aspects of software, which can't accurately represent the dynamic nature of how it is actually executed in daily use.Next is Dynamic Tools: These test tools can automate a variety of processes and allow you to create a higher level of success. They help with testing your existing software, creating scenarios with pre-defined criteria, etc. These tools are easy to use and provide excellent results with minimal effort. It simplifies your development process by providing a complete solution for all the needs of testing, debugging, performance analysis, regression testing, test automation, etc.

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