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Software myths are "urban myths" that are created in the minds of developers, management, and users. Despite popular belief, these myths are false and often cause confusion when managers, developers, and even the users believe the myth when in reality it is not true. Some Common kinds of Software testing Myths are: Software Testing is very expensive and time-consuming, Testers can become Developers and Managers, Testing is only done during the Post-Development process, Tested Software is bug-free, Perfect Software exists in the real world, etc.

There are different Myths in the world of software Testing: The very first is Testing is monotonous: Software testing has a lot of challenges. Testing is a process of exploration, discovery, and learning. You can take chances and try new things to stay ahead of the competition. The reality of software testing helps testers discover better ways to do their job & ultimately help you succeed. Another Myth is Testers only have to find out Errors. But the reality is software testers are the unsung heroes of the software development process. That's because without testers, developers will simply find bugs and fix them after launch, but there is no guarantee that this will happen. A good tester should be customer-focused and understand how the product works as a whole to accomplish customer goals.

No, they are not the same at all.QA Software Testing is a way of exploring the system to check how it operates. Modern software testing is a process that goes through the whole SDLC and heads the software maintenance process. It provides quality assurance to the team, and it also plays a crucial role in identifying bugs. Software Testing and QA are two different but complimentary activities. QA is a process that spans the entire software development lifecycle, which includes program development and testing. Software Testing is an important activity to make sure the product works as expected and adheres to the company’s quality standards.

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