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In Software Testing, Boundaries values analysis involves the method of testing between the partitions or extremities of the input value. Boundary testing is a powerful and cost-effective alternative. Boundary testing efficiently finds the defectiveness and faults of the software and helps increase software quality. Boundary testing is a special type of software test that verifies a value's input and output to make sure they follow a given range or fall within a specific limit.

Boundary Value Analysis is a black-box testing technique that is used to test the errors at the boundaries of an input domain. Boundary Value Analysis is most often used in the field of computer engineering to ensure the safety of embedded systems.BVA is a technique that can be used to examine the accuracy of boundary conditions. Boundary Value Analysis is different from other techniques such as Regression, which models one or more variables based on historical data and then analyzes the performance of the model under variations in the input domain.

A black box test design technique designed to find errors in the boundaries of the input domain is known as boundary value analysis. As the name suggests, it finds errors without identifying what particular values that need to be corrected. The boundary value analysis can be used to find errors in binary data, continuous data, and even large data sets. Boundary value analysis is a black box test design technique that is used to find the errors at the boundaries of the input domain rather than finding those errors in the center of the input. It has superior robustness and flexibility in calculating the boundary value errors. Equivalence Partitioning is typically used in the software testing process when you're looking to divide the data of your unit into partitions of equivalent data from which test cases can be derived., you write one set of test cases for each partition, then run all of them at once.

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