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Ladder logic is a type of machine that is designed to open and close automatically. It utilizes a multitude of gears and switches to take care of the opening and closing process of the doors.
With the use of a ladder logic, it becomes possible for doors to automatically open or close at a specific time. The design helps in making it possible for users to enter an area without having to worry about being locked out.
There are many different types of ladder logic that are used in different industries like health care, transportation, education, residential homes and industrial facilities.

 When compared to flip-flop circuits, latch circuit designs are more versatile. Digital latches are utilized in high-speed circuit designs since they are quicker and do not require waiting for a clock input signal owing to higher clock rates because they are designed asynchronously and do not use a clock.

Push button latches are commonly used in the construction industry for several different purposes. They are primarily used to secure a door or gate so it does not open when there is no one around. The different types of push button latches include: cylinder, pin, and sliding.

A latch is a device that is attached to the door of a building or another surface and grabs onto it. A push button latch works by releasing the latch as soon as pressure is applied to it.
This latch is installed on doors which open into horizontal spaces only. It consists of two arms, one which grips onto the door and the other which releases it when pressure is applied to it.

Push button latches are a type of latch that can be operated by pressing a button with your fingers. There are different types of push button latches that you can use as per your requirement.
The advantages to using this type of latch is it is easy to install, it's quick and effortless, and it doesn't require much maintenance.
The disadvantages to pushing the latch on the door is, if the wrong person pushes the latch it will not open, so there's always a chance someone might have an accident inside.

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