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Ladder logic is a way of thinking about decision-making. It breaks down decision-making into a series of steps that can be understood and reasoned through. Move blocks are the choices that individuals make in the first step in Ladder Logic. Move blocks are specific types of decisions that individuals make when they're trying to choose between alternatives. These decisions are important because they determine what direction the person will take and how they'll justify their final choice.

Any value can be moved into the PLC memory region for arithmetic or logical operations using the move block. You may update values in HMI or SCADA using the move block.

To build a connection, inputs can be utilised in both series and parallel.
Only in parallel may outputs (or coils) be utilised.
In a single programme, one input can be utilised several times.
Except in the Set/Reset and Latch/Unlatch operations, one Output cannot be utilised numerous times in a single programme.

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The Function Block Diagram (FBD) is a graphical language for describing the function between input and output variables in programmable logic controller architecture. A function may be thought of as a collection of basic building elements. Connection lines connect input and output variables to blocks.

A ladder logic diagram is a visual representation of a process or workflow. It shows the steps taken to complete a task or the value given at each step.
The diagram is used to facilitate collaboration and decision-making in workflows that involve multiple, interdependent tasks. A common use case of this diagram is when it can be used to describe how users interact with an app, such as how they select items from an online store or browse through search results.

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