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You might have heard about the bit shift operation before, but did you know that there are two different types? Bit shift Left and Right are used to perform the same operations, but they work with different bit positions.
Bit Shift Operation: Bit Shift Left or Bit Shift Right

A bit shift function is a simple but powerful idea of how to encode information in binary. The shift number may be one or more bits, and the result of the operation is always a series of bits. In ladder logic, it's used to represent an index Bit shift functions are commonly used in Ladder Logic for encoding information into different numbers. They are also used as index values in sequences such as a 1-based sequence or 0-based sequence. The following charts demonstrate how these functions can be created using Ladder Logic

The bit shift left and right in Ladder Logic is used to move the data between the sets.
When we want to move data from sets A and B, we first use the bit shift left and then the bit shift right. In this example, we are shifting four bits to the right.

In Ladder Logic, the order of operations is by default from left to right. However, you can bit shift the order of operations by prefixing a 'B' character in front of one of the operators.

  • In this example, we see that BSHIFT is before BLOCK
  • BBLOCK is before BSHIFT
  • BSHIFT is after BLOCK
  • BAND is after BSHIF
#BBD0E0 »

The bit shift left and right are often used in computer programming to shift the value of a single bit left or right by 1.
Why do you use the bit shift left and right?
This question is easy to answer. Sometimes people use it for internal calculations when they only need one instruction. Sometimes it's used for processing multimedia files such as images and audio, even though this is not explicitly necessary in the code. Some programmers might also use it just because they have forgotten what their algorithm does, or they are still trying to figure out how to fix their bug.

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