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Logic gates are the backbone of digital circuits. They are very common, and they can be found in many types of modern digital circuits, like CPUs, memories, and registers. An OR logic gate takes two input bits (A and B), which can each be either 0 or 1. The output is also 0 or 1; if either input A or input B is 1 (both inputs are never both 1 at the same time), then the output will also be 1.

A PLC (programmable logic controller) is an industrial computer system. It is used in many automation applications. It can control large, complex systems using inputs and looping through outputs to produce desired results. A logic gate is a fundamental building block of digital circuits that takes one or more binary inputs and produces a single binary output. The difference between a PLC and logic gate can be seen in how they work. A PLC works by programming the desired outcome, while a logic gate uses logical operations to produce a correct result.

This paper is going to explain the different types of OR logic gates and how they can be used
OR logic gates could be categorized into two major groups:
The first group is the NAND gate, which has a low current output when both inputs are low. This type of gate does not require a pull-up resistor when it is in the circuit. The second group is the NOR gate, which has a low current output when both inputs are high. This type of gate requires a pull-up resistor. The third group is called an OR-AND gate, which has a high current output only when both inputs are high or when one input is high and one input is low.

PLC programming, or programmable logic controller programming, is a process where control programs are compiled and programmed onto an electronic device to give it the ability to control other devices in response to various inputs. In its simplest form, PLCs are used in industries such as manufacturing and telecommunications.

Programmability is flexible, and a single PLC may control several units.
Any alteration is quickly reprogrammed.
Provide simple troubleshooting and error correction.
There are a lot of contacts available.
There are several software timers, counters, and relays available.

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