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The product of all positive integers less than or equal to n is returned by f = factorial(n), where n is a nonnegative integer value. f includes the factorial of each value of n if n is an array. The data type and size of f are identical to those of n.

When looking at permutations and combinations, we use factorials. If the order of things important, permutations tell us how many distinct ways we can arrange them. Combinations informs us how many different methods there are to choose k from n things if the order doesn't matter.

Trigonometric The values of all trigonometric functions dependent on the value of the ratio of sides in a right-angled triangle are known as ratios. The trigonometric ratios of a right-angled triangle's sides with regard to any of its acute angles are known as that angle's trigonometric ratios.

The tangent of each element of X is returned by Y = tan(X). On arrays, the tan function executes element-by-element. Both real and complex inputs are accepted by the function. tan(X) returns real values in the interval [-∞, ∞].

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