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Apps, or graphical user interfaces, allow you to control your software programs with a point-and-click interface, reducing the need for others to learn a language or input commands. Apps can be shared for usage within MATLAB as well as as separate desktop or web applications.

MATLAB is a computer language that engineers and scientists use to study and build systems and products that change the world. The MATLAB language, a matrix-based language that allows the most natural expression of computational mathematics, is at the heart of MATLAB.

MATLAB is a high-level programming language for engineers and scientists that allows them to easily express matrix and array mathematics. You can utilize MATLAB for everything, from simple interactive commands to large-scale application development.

MATLAB is a high-performance technical computing language. It combines computation, visualization, and programming in a user-friendly interface with problems and solutions written in common mathematical notation. Math and computation are two common applications.

The software can be used as a scratchpad to evaluate command-line expressions, or it can be used to run massive prewritten applications. The built-in integrated development environment can be used to write and alter applications, and the MATLAB debugger can be used to debug them.

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