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Any measurable property whose value describes a system's state is referred to as a thermodynamic property. Pressure, temperature, viscosity, and density are examples of thermodynamic properties. Properties are point functions, which means they are independent of the path taken.

The properties includes Organization, Interaction, Interdependence and Integration

Intensive properties and widespread properties are the two categories of thermodynamic properties. Any attribute that is dependent on the size (or extension) of the system under study is considered extensive. Consider the concept of volume.

Property refers to a system's measurable qualities. Pressure, volume, temperature, internal energy, density, and so on are examples. Extensive properties are properties that are dependent on mass.

Intensive properties are those that have a value that is independent of the amount of matter present in the system. Intensive properties include temperature and pressure. It's a bulk property that isn't affected by the size of the substance or the system. It is a system's physical property.

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