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The abbreviation CRUD stands for Create, Read, Update, and Delete. These activities, as the name implies, manipulate data in a database, which is critical to any web application's basic functionality. To conduct these activities, we can use a PHP programme and a MySQL database.

PHP MVC is a design paradigm for web applications that separates the data and business logic (model) from the display (view). Model, View, and Controller (MVC) is an acronym for Model, View, and Controller. The controller acts as a middleman between the models and the views.

In PHP, there is no delete() function. Look into the unlink() function if you need to delete a file.

CRUD stands for create, read, update, and delete, and it is a computer programming acronym that refers to the four functions that are required to develop a persistent storage application: create, read, update, and delete.

  • In the database, make a record. Create a new record in the new controller using the below code snippet:
  • Take a record from the database and read it. The code to read the record from the database is shown below.
  • Make a database record change.
  • Remove the record from the database by deleting it.
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