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A PHP class, and more broadly, object-oriented programming, adds to the reusability of code and can be used for a variety of purposes: They can be used to describe entities with well-defined features and behaviour. They can be sent to functions and other objects as messages.

Methods that are invoked on a class rather than an instance are known as class methods. They're usually used in conjunction with an object meta-model. In other words, for each class defined, a meta-model instance of the class object is created.

The major distinction between a Class and a Method is that a Class is a blueprint or template for creating things, whereas a Method is a function that explains an object's behaviour.

When you require methods that aren't specific to any one instance but nevertheless involve the class in some way, class methods are the way to go.

Class methods can be used for any methods that aren't tied to a specific instance but are instead related to the class. In practise, class methods are frequently used for methods that produce a new instance of the class. The term "factory method" refers to a method that creates and returns an instance of a class.

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