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Multiple inheritance is not supported by PHP, however it can be implemented by utilising Interfaces or Traits instead of classes. Traits (Combining Class and Traits): A trait is a special sort of class that allows for multiple inheritance.

Multilevel inheritance occurs when a class extends a class that extends another class. When, for example, class C extends class B and class B extends class A, this is referred to as multilevel inheritance.

A derived class inherits a base class in Multilevel inheritance, and the derived class also acts as the base class for subsequent classes. For example, consider the following three classes: A, B, and C, where class C is derived from class B and class B is derived from class A.

Definition. Single inheritance allows a derived class to inherit attributes and methods from a single parent class, whereas multiple inheritance allows a derived class to inherit attributes and methods from several parent classes.

Multiple Inheritance is the process of deriving a sub-class from multiple super classes. Numerous inheritance has the advantage of allowing a class to inherit the functionality of multiple base classes, allowing for the modelling of complicated relationships.

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