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  • Start with a class that already exists.
  • Use the extends keyword to create a new class.
  • You can access the parent's public and protected parts, but not private ones.
  • New properties and methods should be added.
  • You can also change the behaviour of your children's parents.

Only single inheritance is supported in PHP, which means that only one class can be derived from a single parent class. Using interfaces, we can mimic multiple inheritance.

Subclasses do not inherit static members.

  • Autosomal Dominant Inheritance is a type of inheritance in which one person has more than one copy of a gene
  • Autosomal Recessive Inheritance is a type of autosomal recessive inheritance.
    Inheritance on the X-chromosome.
  • Inheritance is a complicated concept.

Single inheritance, multiple inheritance, multilevel inheritance, hybrid inheritance, and hierarchical inheritance are all forms of inheritance. Single Inheritance: Single inheritance refers to when a derived class inherits only from one base class.

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