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It's for experienced developers who've already finished our PHP Essentials course. It covers all of the new Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) and functional programming concepts in PHP 5.3, PHP 5.4, and PHP 5.5, in particular. This is the most advanced PHP programming service we have to offer.

Data is represented as objects using classes. Creating a User object or an AuctionBid object to represent something like a user's data or an auction bid makes it easier to keep the data together, pass it around in your code, and make it more easily understood to readers.

Looping, Printing, Conditions, Arrays, File Handling, Object Orientation, and String Functions are all part of the core PHP grammar. While advanced PHP includes database connections, session handling, and cookie management. Advance PHP includes the mail function, date time, and error handling.

Other PHP capabilities include image manipulation via the GD library, remote connections via cURL, file system management, user session management, session tracking, the SimpleXML Class, which reads and writes XML files via objects, support for cookies and sessions, and shell command-line execution.

Yes, absolutely. PHP is a well-known and simple-to-learn programming language. So, if you have a basic understanding of programming, you can begin learning this language. There are numerous decent frameworks available, making PHP even more popular and advancing the OOP paradigm in comparison to other higher-level languages.

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