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PHP only supports single inheritance, which means that a class can be extended by using the term 'extended' from only one other class.

  • A notice is a non-critical error that indicates that something went wrong during execution, such as an undefined variable.
  • When a more serious problem occurs, as as when an include() command attempts to access a non-existent file, a warning is issued. The script would continue in both this and the previous error.
  • The code would be terminated if it encountered a fatal error. This type of error would be generated, for example, if a require() was not satisfied.

It's a collection of PHP extensions that include a core PDO class as well as database-specific drivers. It provides a lightweight, vendor-neutral data-access abstraction layer. As a result, regardless of the database we choose, the function to issue queries and retrieve data will be the same. Rather than database abstraction, it focuses on data access abstraction.

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