Course Content

Course Content


  • Identify all SCADA network connections.
  • Unnecessary SCADA network connections should be disconnected.
  • Examine and tighten the security of any existing SCADA network connections.
  • Remove or disable unneeded services from SCADA networks to make them more secure.

Patch management for SCADA systems is also a challenge as vulnerabilities in these operating systems are discovered. Security managers at institutions that employ SCADA are beginning to address the problems associated in securing these systems in the face of these increasing threats.

Cyber-attacks against SCADA systems frequently occur via the company's business network, which then affects the operation's remote control system. In 2013, however, hackers gained access to a third-party that maintained the Target Store's HVAC management system.

It's worth noting that simple problems like stack and buffer overflows, as well as information exposure and other issues, are still common in SCADA systems. An attacker can use these flaws to run arbitrary code (RCE), cause a denial of service (DoS), or steal data.

The benefits of using a security system in SCADA are:

  • The reliability and accuracy of the data collected by the system to be reliable and accurate, which improves decision making process in the organization.
  • The increased productivity due to increased safety measures, which leads to improved efficiency and profitability for the company

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