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Percent fill property is a property that indicates the percentage of a tank that is filled with liquid. It is used in many industries, such as gas systems and oil and gas production.

The Percent Fill property is used for filling shapes with a certain percentage of their area. For example, if you have an object with 50% filled and you want it to be 80% filled then set its Percent Fill property value as 80%.

When you set this property to 0, it means that the text box should not be filled out at all. When you set it to 100, it means that the text box should be completely filled out.

When you are using Percent Fill property in your automation project, you need to make sure that the shapes have the same dimensions and that they are not overlapping. If they do overlap, you will get unexpected results.

The percent fill property in Scada is a way to calculate the percentage of a pipe that has been filled with liquid. It is used to determine how much liquid needs to be pumped into the pipe in order for it to reach its capacity.

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