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In Scada, it is used to show the value of an analog input or to show the value of a digital input. It can also be used to show the value of an output.

The 7-segment display on a Scada is used to show what is happening in real time. The segments are used to indicate different conditions like pressure, temperature, and flow rate. There can be more than one display for different parameters at one point in time.

The 7-segment displays are a type of digital indicator that is used in Scada systems to display numeric values and text. They can be configured using the digital inputs or outputs. This is a more efficient way of displaying information than using analog indicators, which require additional hardware for conversion.

  • Seven segment display with decimal point (7-D)
  • Seven segment display with hexadecimal point (7-H)
  • Seven segment display with octal point (7-O)
  • Seven segment display with binary point (7-B).

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