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Location properties are often used in Scada systems as part of other objects such as variables, instruments, or controllers. For example, you might use location properties as part of an instrument object to define where on a scale it should be positioned. In this case, you would use position values from 0-1 to represent different locations on the scale.

Location property is one of the fundamental concepts in Scada. It can be used to define the relationship between two or more points in a Scada model. It can also be used to define the relationship between an entity and its position on the x-y-z axes.

Location properties are used to determine the position of a device. They can be used for positioning purposes or for any other purpose that requires knowing where something is located.

The importance of defining Location Property in Scada lies in its ability to allow you to monitor and manage different locations. It also allows you to easily share data with other systems, such as ERP or SAP systems.

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