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A dashboard can be used to display real-time data, historical information, and/or aggregated statistics. It can also be used to simplify complex data by presenting it in a visual format.

An effective data dashboard should be eye-catching while remaining aesthetically balanced, astute while remaining simple, accessible, user-friendly, and personalised to your aims and audience.

Clear, intuitive, and adaptable dashboards are ideal. They present facts in a straightforward and concise manner. They display data patterns and changes over time. They're easily adaptable. In a small amount of space, the most significant widgets and data components are efficiently shown.

A dashboard is an information management tool that tracks the status of your company, a department, a campaign, or a specific process by monitoring, analysing, and visualising key performance indicators (KPIs), metrics, and significant data.

Almost all of my guests are aware that working data scientists earn their living by collecting and cleaning data, creating dashboards and reports, visualising data, making statistical inferences, conveying conclusions to important stakeholders, and persuading decision makers of their findings.

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