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Percentiles are a unit of measurement that divides organised data into hundredths. A given percentile in a sorted dataset is the point where that percent of the data is less than where we are now. The 99th percentile income is the level at which 99 percent of the rest of the country earns less and 1 percent earns more.

The average value of a dataset is the number around which the entire data is spread out. When defining the Mean, all values used in calculating the average are weighted equally.

A percentile is a score that compares one score to the scores of the remainder of the group. It displays the proportion of scores that a certain score outperformed. If you get 75 points on a test and are in the 85th percentile, that indicates your score is higher than 85 percent of the other people's.

In an ordered data set, the median is the'middle' value. If your variable of interest is assessed on a nominal or ordinal (categorical) scale, the most common strategy for determining the central tendency of your data is to employ Mode.

The value at a specific rank is referred to as a percentile. If your test score is in the 95th percentile, for example, a frequent interpretation is that just 5% of the scores were higher than yours. The 50th percentile is the median; it is widely accepted that 50% of the values in a data collection are higher than the median.

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