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A dashboard is a graphical user interface that presents data in the form of charts, graphs, and tables. The main purpose of this type of dashboard is to provide a quick overview of the data and trends.

Dashboards are often used by managers to monitor their business and employees. They can also be utilized by sales managers to track their performance, or by HR managers for employee performance.

Dashboards are a way of displaying data that is easy to interpret. They are typically used in business analytics, and they can be used to help make sense of data.

Data science dashboards provide a way for companies to get insight into their data. They can use the insights from these dashboards to make better decisions, improve performance, and drive growth.

The following are some of the uses cases of dashboards:

  • Data scientists use them to monitor and analyze their progress.
  • Marketing teams can use them to visualize marketing insights and customer behavior trends.
  • IT professionals can use them to monitor their network operations and identify network issues.

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