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A box and whisker plot is used to show how a continuous variable is distributed in a population. It can also be used to compare two different distributions by plotting both on one graph.

Box and whisker plots are often used to display numerical data. They are also used when there is a limited number of data points. The box shows the range of the data, while the whiskers show the most likely values for each value in the range. This can be helpful for visualizing how different values cluster together.

Box plots show the median, upper and lower quartiles, minimum, maximum values for a set of data. Whisker plots show the minimum and maximum values with the interquartile range or IQR in between.

It's a form of graph that shows the quartiles of a set of numerical data. It's a simple method to see how our data is organised. It makes comparing data features across categories a breeze.

  • Box plots: Box plots show the distribution for each category within a dataset. The top and bottom are marked with an "x" and "o", respectively, which corresponds to the minimum and maximum values for each category. The "box" is drawn in between these two points, which is where 95% of all values fall.
  • Whisker plots: Whisker plots show how close together or far apart the minimum and maximum values are from one another. They also indicate whether there is any overlap between categories.

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