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What Is Target Pseudo Class And How To Use It?

Target pseudo-class represents the unique element. It targets particular element like suppose we took anchor tag and now we want it to redirect, then we will use Target pseudo-class  over there. Mostly target pseudo used as ID attribute. ID attribute was new in HTML4 but in older versions, it was used in <a> tag.

Let’s see an Example of it :
First take anchor tag :
<div id= “target” > this is html target </div>
<a href = “#target”> show me my target element</a>
Also, we have to write code in CSS :
Input [type=text] {background: red;  }
:target {background:yellow;  }

Go to browser and see the result. You will see, your target element got background color as yellow as we defined. We did not mention anything in HTML, but we can do modification in CSS in our way.


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