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How to Design HTML Page in CSS?

We have seen in HTML5, there are header, footer, section, aside, nav elements used. And we write design elements in CSS. Now, let’s see how to write elements in HTML5 and how CSS applies it.

Normally, a HTML page start with header. Then, main content comes and in the end, footer is present. So, let’s make a basic structure.

Go to the browser and refresh the web page. You will see, an image and also navigation is also shown in the list view. Go back to HTML, and change UL to OL and see the effect. You will see, in place of dots, numbers are shown now. But, here we require UL because in navigation there is no need for an ordered list.

Now we will write CSS for header and navigation. But we have to define it on logo and navigation -

header {background: #000} (#000 is hexa code to define color, you can also write directly the name of color)
body{margin: 0px; padding: 0px;} (to remove by default space set by browser of 15px)

This way, you can design a HTML page using CSS.


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