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To Add Font & Text Effects In CSS3?

Fonts can make your designs stand out, convey your message clearly and get your text to jump off the page. Fonts are basic building block for any webpage. Using fonts, we can show our webpage attractively. Let’s see what type of styles we can apply to fonts.

We can apply colors, font effects, font size and much more to fonts. Sometimes, we don’t have our required fonts; so we will learn how to import those fonts.

Web fonts : web fonts are not pre-installed on the user’s system. You can see in your computer’s control panel-appearance, how many fonts are supported. There are some fonts, which are not installed in a computer like open sans, lato, roboto etc. Yes, you can download them and install, but they are not by default present in your PC.

Fonts are downloaded by user, while rendering the web page, and then applied to text. It’s up to you, whether you want to use Google fonts or want to generate it. Let’s see how to import fonts from Google.

  • Go to google fonts
  • Choose any fonts of your choice
  • Click on select this font; a font family will open
  • Copy the HTML link from embed option (paste it in header section)
  • Specify the font-family in CSS (define it in body tag)

After saving, refresh the browser and see, your net font style is applied.

This way we can linked up in HTML, but if we want to link up for CSS :

  • Click on @import option
  • Copy the link from there
  • Paste the link in CSS
  • Define font-family in CSS

You will see in a browser, same fonts have applied to your text. These are called web form; if you don’t have web form you can make web kit from web kit generator online. This will create HTML and CSS link as well as font-family for selected fonts.

This way, you can define fonts in CSS3.


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