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The light-weight interpreted scripting language, JavaScript is used for making interactive web applications. LearnVern introduces you to the object oriented programming language with its Essentials of JavaScript course that helps you understand the language in the easiest way and the reasons that makes it so popular.

We would be starting with the fundamentals of JavaScript covering topics like data types, variables, operators etc and moving ahead learn advanced JavaScript topics like events, cookies, validation, error handling, image mapping etc.

Who can take this course?

Anyone who wants to enhance his web development skills can take this course. Web developers, project managers, software developers, testers, students who want to learn JavaScript would also find the course highly beneficial.

The course also provides a platform to those who want to learn frameworks like AngularJs or NodeJs.

Why learn this course?

There are loads of job openings for JavaScript experts. As such if you are making up your mind for increasing your pay packages then you should go ahead with this course. JavaScript supports all major web browsers, offers higher interactivity to users and rich interfaces, so if you are keen to develop more interactive web applications then this course is definitely going to help you out.

There have always been a rise in the demand for Front end developers as such the companies have been looking forward to hire highly skilled software professionals with hands on experience in JavaScript. Now and then we have one or the other new JavaScript Library which is taking web community by storm. If you want to upgrade your web development skills then you should take this course.

Pre-requisites for the course

Knowledge of Internet

Understanding of HTML

Course Curriculum

Getting Started with Javascript
Overview of JavaScript 00:01:53
Introduction to HTML in JavaScript 00:08:30
OOPS Concepts in JavaScript 00:05:26
Introduction to JavaScript 00:08:50
Introduction to JavaScript Quiz Unlimited
JS Syntax 00:07:11
JS Syntax Quiz Unlimited
JavaScript Assignment Use JavaScript in Html 00:00:34
Applying JavaScript
Applying Internal JavaScript 00:04:34
Applying External JavaScript 00:04:34
Applying External JavaScript Quiz Unlimited
JS Output 00:10:32
Enabling and Disabling JS 00:10:23
Data Types and Variables in JavaScript
Primitive Data Types in JS 00:12:51
Non Primitive Data Types in JavaScript 00:08:36
JS Variables 00:08:48
JavaScript Assignmnet Data Type and Variable 00:00:40
Operators in JavaScript
Arithmetic Operators 00:08:30
Operators Quiz Unlimited
Comparison and Logical Operators in JavaScript 00:11:48
Assignment, Conditional and type of Operator 00:11:45
Conditional Statements in JavaScript
If and If-else Statement in JavaScript 00:07:08
Else If Statement in JavaScript 00:07:05
JavaScript Assignment Variables and Operator 00:00:34
Switch Case Statements in JS
Switch Case Statements in JavaScript 00:09:33
JavaScript Assignment Switch Case 00:00:38
Loop Statements in JS
Loops and While loop in JavaScript 00:07:52
Do While in JavaScript 00:06:10
For Loop in JavaScript 00:00:00
For..in Loop in JavaScript 00:05:54
Loop Control in JavaScript 00:07:05
Continue and Labels in JS 00:16:21
JS Functions
Defining Functions in JS 00:05:08
Function Return and Function Expression in JS 00:10:53
Function Parameters in JS 00:11:44
Invoking Functions in JS 00:12:49
Function Constructor and Function Method in JS 00:11:07
Function Nesting in JS 00:05:49
Functions Quiz Unlimited
JavaScript Assignmnet Function 00:01:18
JavaScript Assignment Functions with Parameters 00:00:26
Events in JavaScript
Events in JS 00:08:01
Mouse Events in JS 00:09:29
Keyboard Events in JS 00:07:27
JavaScript Assignment Event Handling 00:01:03
Cookies in JavaScript
Introduction to Cookies in JS 00:04:14
Creating Cookies in JS 00:09:23
Reading and Erasing Cookies in JS 00:09:54
Cookies Quiz Unlimited
Objects in JavaScript
Objects in JavaScript 00:10:14
Object Constructor and Native Object in JS 00:08:08
Types of Native Objects in JS 00:11:19
JS Math and RegExp Objects and DOM 00:06:36
JavaScript Assignment For Loop and Regular Expression 00:00:29
Advance JavaScript Features
Errors & Exceptions Handling in JavaScript 00:08:05
Throw Operator Example in JS 00:04:46
Validation in JavaScript 00:11:05
Data Format Validation in JavaScript 00:10:03
Animation in JavaScript 00:01:52
Automated Animation in JavaScript 00:02:11
Multimedia in JavaScript 00:06:54
Debugging in JavaScript 00:06:44
Ways to Debug in JavaScript 00:06:45
Image Map in JavaScript 00:02:06
Browser Compatibility in JavaScript 00:04:13
Javascript Assignment From Validation 00:00:36
Advanced JavaScript Quiz Unlimited

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    Nice – This Javascript course is really comprehensive and easy to understand. In 10 hours I became an expert from a newbie.

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