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  • 4.3 back()
  • 4.3 forward()
  • 4.3 go()
  • 4.3 history

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The history object is a property of the JavaScript window object that may be accessed via the window. history property. It is used to access the window object's session history. It has useful methods and properties that allow us to go back and forth through the session history of the window.

The history object is a new feature in the latest version of Unity and it’s available for all users. It is an easy way to keep track of changes made to an object over time. It can be used as a debugging tool or just to see how different objects have changed over time.

Explanation: The History object has three methods: back, forward, and backward ()

The JS history object holds an array of URLs that the user has visited. You can use many methods to load previous, forward, or any specific page using the history object. JavaScript history object property: length: It gives the number of historical URLs visited by the user during that session.

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