Course Content

  • 2.12 function_with_parameter
  • 2.12 function_with_return_value
  • 2.12 function_without_parameter

Course Content


  • Parameters for the function A function can contain one or more parameters that are passed in by the calling code and can be used within the function.
  • The Object of the Arguments By default, all JavaScript functions can use arguments objects.
  • Value of Return.
  • Expression of a Function.

JavaScript functions are similar to those in other high-level scripting languages like TypeScript, and there are two sorts of functions: predefined and user-defined.

  • Function declaration
  • Function expression
  • Shorthand method definition
  • Arrow function
  • Generator function
  • Also, there's a new function.

  • Type the keyword function followed by the function's name.
  • Open and close parenthesis after the function name.
  • Open and close curly braces after parenthesis.
  • Write your lines of code inside curly braces.

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